Arizona Game and Fish Department

The Importance of Wildlife Conservation

Arizona’s wildlife is near and dear to the hearts of those who enjoy the Arizona outdoors. Our passion at the Arizona Game and Fish Department is to conserve and protect Arizona’s wonderful wildlife so we can all appreciate the everyday magic of it.

To ensure Arizona’s wildlife will be around for future generations to enjoy, we follow the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation—developed, in large part, by the forward-thinking early conservationists who understood the need to conserve wildlife and their habitats. As the world’s most successful conservation model, it helps to sustain wildlife species and habitats through well-founded science and active management. We enjoy Arizona’s wildlife. And we’re sure you do too. So, we’re working to keep it a reality for all of us through wise use of our Wildlife Restoration funding.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department provides benefits for both Arizona’s wildlife and those who appreciate it. Some of our ongoing efforts include creating safe passage for bighorn sheep and elk that bypass highways, reestablishing the California condor and Gould’s turkey populations in Arizona, and determining suitable relocation habitats for Sonoran pronghorn.

Above all else, we’re working to keep the great outdoors great.