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Our Mission is to Conserve & Protect

See how Arizona Game and Fish Department's on-the-ground work makes a difference for our wildlife.

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Arizoina bobcat

For us. For them. For generations to come. 

Our Funding Might Surprise You

$0 general tax dollars

You read that right—Arizona Game and Fish Department doesn’t receive a single penny of Arizona general tax dollars. 

A lot of our funding comes from public spending on things like fishing and hunting licenses, tags or stamps, and via a federal excise tax on firearms and ammunition.

Unfortunately, those funds are stretched thin as we work to safeguard over 800 wildlife species. We need all the help we can get—and so does Arizona’s critters.

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Who We Protect

Our Conservation Model

Conservation wasn’t a priority in this country until the early 1900’s, when forward thinking conservationists began pushing the need to protect wildlife and their habitats. 

Now, the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is considered the world’s most successful, helping sustain wildlife species and habitats through well-founded science and active management.

Every time you see Arizona wildlife, you get a glimpse of the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s true purpose in action.

Our passion is conserving and protecting all Arizona wildlife species—from four legs to four fins and everything in between. Our work takes us all over the state, creating safer habitats, rescuing and caring for injured wildlife, and monitoring and restoring native populations.

We enjoy Arizona’s wildlife. And we know you do, too. So join in our mission to help keep our great outdoors great.


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