Audrey Owens


As a biologist with the AZGFD Amphibians and Reptiles Program, Audrey works to conserve and protect Arizona’s native frogs. She coordinates projects that benefit Arizona’s six native ranid frogs, like research that may one day protect them from deadly diseases or proactively saving and restoring aquatic habitats. In the field, her days may be spent checking on leopard frog populations or moving frog egg masses to help establish new populations.

Audrey has loved reptiles and amphibians since she was a kid. Her family moved frequently when she was growing up, and no matter where they landed, the outdoors, fishing and camping were always a big part of her life. “I was intrigued at an early age, and thankfully my parents fostered my interest in the ‘creepy crawlies,’” she says. When Audrey was 7, her parents purchased a reptile field guide for her, and it’s a precious keepsake she still has today.

Audrey is happy to work in Arizona, where amphibians and reptiles abound. A college mentor told Audrey about Arizona’s diverse amphibians and reptiles, which motivated her to seek a job with Arizona Game and Fish after grad school. “I couldn’t be prouder to be a herpetologist in Arizona, working for an agency that makes it a priority to protect the state’s wildlife diversity,” she says.

Audrey’s favorite part of the job is working with co-workers and partners outside of AZGFD. She says working with private landowners, ranchers and other “amazing” partners is vital to the success of native frog conservation efforts. “In conservation, it’s reassuring to know that there are so many individuals and organizations committed to protecting the future of Arizona’s wildlife,” Audrey says.

AUDREY OWENS featured image