Donate Your Tax Refund

Contribute to wildlife conservation for this and future generations.

There are more than 800 native species that call Arizona home. And it’s the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s mission to conserve and protect each and every one of them. But as it stands, more than one-third of the nation’s wildlife species are at risk of extinction in the coming decades.

Our work starts here at home with the species of greatest conservation need. Because once a species is gone, it’s gone forever. And that can have a ripple effect on other wildlife and the entire ecosystem. Every day brings a new survival challenge, and it’s our job to help protect what’s wild.

Every dollar makes a difference.

Although our work spans the state and our efforts are critical, our funding sources are limited. We rely on wildlife enthusiasts like you to help us achieve our mission.

Tax contributions from people like you aid our work to bring back threatened and endangered species like the bald eagle, Apache trout and Mexican wolf. These donations also allow us to deliver life-saving water to wildlife during the summer heat and create safe passages for animals impacted as our cities grow.

When animals are healthy and their habitats are restored, they can create the next population and the next — ensuring wildlife is around to see and enjoy for generations to come.

Helping is as easy as checking a box.

Whether you prepare your own taxes or have someone do it for you, mark Arizona Wildlife on form 140 when you complete your tax return. You can donate part or all of your state tax refund.

With your help, Arizona wildlife has more than just hope. They have a future.

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